zb productions gallery of goodies, check out what we are working on below.

[WALL] Shiny Disco Ball Wallpaper

For those of you who love to dance. We decided to bring the party lights. [LINK]

[WALL] Acrylic Retro Apple Wallpaper

This simple acrylic retro styled apple logo was intended for a mac lovers desktop it comes with an additional shot for dual monitors. [LINK]

[WALL] Color Wheel Wallpaper

My personal color wheel. Simple, yet colorful. Download in the gallery. [LINK]

[WALL] SkyRight Wallpaper

Here's another one created by zb. I love this one... Download at will, please give credit. [LINK]

[WALL] Spor Wallpaper

Here's a little fun abstract Spor wallpaper. Download at will. [LINK]

Book Intro for EGM DVD

A quick and dirty for a DVD menu.

Growing With The World EGM Vanity ID

Got half-way through producing this one and the project was dropped. Someday it will be completed. Someday.

Lens Flare EGM Vanity ID

This vanity got produced by Brooks McGinnis for EGM, however never made it beyond that.

[SPEC] News9 Bumper

Animation for Griffin Communications new brand.

Brooks McGinnis Animation Demo Reel 2010

One of zb productions animation demo reels. Reel contains animation, composite, vfx, modeling, and motion design done by Brooks McGinnis. Footage courtesy of EGM and zb productions.

Cherry Blossom

3D model for an up and coming independent film.

No Love

No Love Casting, Production Management, VFX and many other things; courtesy of zb productions. Credit goes to SixtySomethingDays, of which, shares a partnership with zb productions.